My first week as a digital marketing coordinator

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On Monday 13th February I began my ‘journey’ as a digital marketing coordinator. What is a digital marketing coordinator, I hear you ask? Well, I’ll mainly be doing the same work as the other members of staff but I’ll be gaining a Qualification in Digital Marketing alongside the 9-5 work.

I made the decision to go into digital marketing after I got into university, but decided that it wasn’t actually the path I wanted to take. After spending a few months unsure of what to do with my life so I got a job working at Starbucks to earn some money whilst I decided what to do next. I enjoyed the working environment and earning my own money but I still didn’t feel 100% fulfilled – I wanted to feel as if I was making a real impact in the work that I was doing.

That’s when I thought about doing digital marketing. While I was at school, I thought university was going to be the only path for me. But then after doing a bit of research I decided to apply to Agency51. I did business studies at GCSE and A Levels when I was at school and I always liked the marketing aspect of the course. I knew I also enjoyed the digital world and everything to do with online presence, so then I discovered the option of a digital marketing role.

After a very short amount of time and a number of interviews, I was offered the position of a digital marketing coordinator here at Agency51. Whilst I never thought I’d be someone to enjoy the 9-5 working life, I’ve discovered after my first week that Agency51 may have just changed my viewpoint on that.

What I will be doing

Alongside obtaining my qualification, I will be spending the majority of my working life in the Agency51 office, writing blog posts for various clients as well as learning the necessary skills to succeed in the digital marketing world. I will be learning how to use and execute SEO, PPC and CRO; and a little over a week ago I could barely tell you what those meant!

My first week

I thought it would be somewhat difficult at first adapting to an office job with the normal working day hours, (I had previously been used to 6.30am starts and 2.30pm finishes at Starbucks!) but pretty much after my first day it had become something of a routine. I enjoy the chatty, friendly atmosphere that comes with working at Agency51 and I find it reassuring that I can ask anything that I’m unsure of and people will help me. Another thing that I enjoy is that my boss asks everyone what their plan for the day is each morning; it helps to know what tasks we should be getting on with and ensures that we meet any deadlines.

I’m very excited to learn more about the way digital marketing works and I’m keen to expand my skills. I’m most looking forward to essentially being able to write for my job as it’s always been something I wanted to do.

I will be updating this blog and will continue to let you know how I’m getting on in my new role at Agency51!

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