An Update Of My Digital Marketing Coordinator Journey

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It’s been four months since I began working at Agency51 as a digital marketing coordinator and it’s certainly been an eventful few months! I’ve learnt so much since I first started in February and I love the fact that I’m constantly discovering new ways to improve almost every single day.

What I’ve learnt

I’ve spent a lot of my time writing blog posts for various clients and I’ve discovered the best ways to incorporate related links, images and keywords into my posts to ensure they are the best quality possible. It’s been interesting to write about a wide range of topics, including equestrian, car leasing and veterinary products. Developing my knowledge on a variety of topics has definitely helped me to improve my writing as I’ve learnt to become much more diverse in the articles and posts that I write.

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I’ve also been given more responsibility with regards to clients and I am much more confident and comfortable emailing them now; I almost even enjoy it!

One area that I feel like I’ve really developed my skills in is using Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Before I started at Agency51 I had no idea how to use these but I feel like I’ve learnt a lot in the past few months and I’m now very confident using them.

Another thing that I’ve learnt is how to put together an email campaign – I’m not *quite* at the designing stage yet, I’ll leave that to the experts – but I have learnt how to do a mock-up design and I’ve also had experience in working with programmes like MailChimp. I know how to set up the email to send out to recipients and also how to collect the data once the email has been sent out.

WordPress has been a website that I’ve done a lot of work on in the last few months and I’m definitely much more confident using it now. I love that I’m able to work on projects for clients on a website that I now (almost) fully understand how to use.

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What I’ve been enjoying

One of my favourite things in the world is writing so my favourite part of my job so far has been the fact that I’ve been given the freedom to write blog posts and articles for various clients. Whilst the topics that I cover may not always be the most thrilling to me, I really enjoy the fact that I can learn new things while improving my writing skills.

I also really enjoy learning new things from the people that I work with as they’re all so incredibly patient and accommodating if there’s anything that I’m unsure of.

My first four months at Agency51 have been thoroughly enjoyable and I can’t wait to see what I learn in the next four months!

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