The best ways to carry out social retargeting

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social retargeting

Social retargeting, also known as social remarketing, is a form of online advertising that allows you to keep your brand and business in front of bounced traffic once they’ve left your website. It allows you to send a sort of ‘reminder’ to previous visitors of your site of the things that they’ve previously viewed with the intention of getting them back onto your site and making a purchase.

It uses purely interest-based data from consumers to identify and create specific audience groups which uses a simple JavaScript code to anonymously “follow” your audience around the internet. By placing a small piece of code on your website, every time a new visitor comes to your site, the code drops a browser cookie which will then provide ads to the people who have previously visited your site.

There are a number of things that you must consider when carrying out social retargeting in order to make sure it’s as successful as possible.

Retargeting can be considered to be extremely effective if carried out appropriately as it focuses on people who are already familiar with your brand and website, and are therefore much more likely to convert from being potential customers into happy customers.

Get to know your audience

One of the most important aspects of social retargeting is ensuring that you know exactly who your target audience is. You should try to get to know your audience as much as possible; find out which device they use to browse the internet, how close they were to making a purchase/enquiry on your site and discover more about their attitude to online shopping. By doing this you’re able to gauge a full understanding of who your audience is and you’ll be able to segment them appropriately.

Expand your audience

While you want to make sure that your marketing efforts are as targeted as possible, it’s also important to try and grow your target reach as much as possible. This will give you access to a much larger audience who may be interested in your website and products; you can then focus your efforts on converting these people into website visitors and potential customers.

Retargeting existing customers

Retargeting existing customers can prove to be extremely effective as you’re able to retarget people such as those who are already on your email list, but haven’t actually made a purchase in a while.

Trial and error to see what works

In order to truly know what will work for your business in terms of retargeting, you may have to try out a few methods in order to get it right. It’s a good idea to test variations of your retargeting ads to see which are the most effective and which ones are likely to give you the best results.

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