Bing Reveals the Role of Content Quality in their Ranking Algorithm

We’ve seen search engine Bing come on leaps and bounds over recent years, with new features being added and Bing Ads receiving numerous enhancements. When carrying out market analysis audit reports for our clients, we often see an untapped market in Bing, with competitors opting to solely optimise for Google.

In a recent article on the Bing blog, Michael Basilyan, Senior Program Manager of the Bing Content Quality Team, reveals some useful insights into how the Bing algorithm determines content quality. These factors need to be considered when creating your content marketing strategy.

Bing defines content quality using three aspects of a website or page, they call this the three pillars of content quality:



When Bing defines the authority of a page it is asking itself “can we trust this content, its author or the website?”. They also look at factors such as social signals, to see how well recognised the author is within their social circles.


Bings also considers whether a page is useful for the topic it is addressing. It favours the use of supporting information such as video content, images and graphs. Unique and insightful content is another important factor, try to avoid recycled content. If your site is one which uses information that can also be found easily elsewhere, try adding additional useful details to it, helping to position yourself above your competitors.


This is all about content being well presented, easy to find and easy to read. Ensure your site doesn’t look too spammy by blocking content with ads, or using unrelated content. Bing says it promotes and supports websites which use ads that are relevant to the content and which don’t interfere with the user experience.


Bing states that content quality is one of the primary factors which they use to optimise their ranking models. This is good news if you are in control of updating your website, as Bing’s three pillars of content quality are entirely in your hands. This highlights how important content is to your marketing strategy.

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Visit the Bing Blog to read the article in full.

Dec, 17, 2014