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Google Analytics has become a near-essential element of any marketing team and business’ toolbox. The rich insights and data analysis capabilities available have enabled countless organisations to optimise their strategies and efforts in almost every aspect of their processes. Recently, Google has launched the latest iteration of the platform – Google Analytics 4.

What’s changed?

Covered in detail in this article on Google Analytics 4’s new powerful features from Search Engine Journal, the latest edition brings at least four new powerful features that marketing teams and professionals can take advantage of:

  • Data controls that provide a more detailed, intricate experience
  • Deeper integration with Google Ads across the web and apps alike
  • More intelligent insights that identify trends through machine learning
  • Data measurement that puts customer experiences at the forefront

The articles discusses Google’s desire to address the need for Analytics users to gain a more intuitive and controlled way to access and acquire views of customer data and insights. By providing this capability in the latest version, the marketing industry is better-equipped to improve ROI and make more solidified decisions with regards to long-term plans.

Detailed data control

A more granular approach to data controls is going to enable users to gain more dominance over data management. Data can be toggled between ad optimisation or used purely for measurement purposes, and the platform enables more specific addressal of how data should be used for advertising purposes too. These control changes mean that the potentially cookie-less future is going to have less of an impact on campaigns and effective marketing efforts.

Google Ads integration with more depth

Google Analytics 4 now has the ability to measure interactions across apps as well as the web. This is especially useful for things such as reporting conversion from YouTube ads as well as a multitude of other paid channels, social media, email and more. This feature allows for deeper audience building and maintenance capabilities.

AI-powered insights

Machine-learning-based insights have long been a powerful feature within Analytics, but in 4, these insights can actively alert users to sudden trends to allow for effective reactive marketing. Particularly within the current worldwide situation, reactive marketing is extremely important and can provide a swathe of opportunities for businesses and organisations in every industry. But all-in-all, this more powerful feature in the latest iteration of Google Analytics provides much greater abilities with regards to making predictions and anticipating customer actions.

Customer-focused data measurement and reporting

This may be one of the most noticeable differences in the newest version of Analytics. Reports are now organised in a way that revolves around the customer lifecycle, meaning users are able to take a much deeper look into specific areas of a customer’s journey. Russel Ketchum, the Group Product Manager for Google Analytics spoke to Search Engine Land and had this to say:

“We’ve reorganized all of the reports that had been in the App + Web beta, added a handful of additions, and now it’s organized around the customer lifecycle”

“For example, you can see what channels are driving new customers in the user acquisition report, then use the engagement and retention reports to understand the actions these customers take, and whether they stick around, after converting”

Overall, this new feature means that users gain a more complete view of their customers and their engagement across a wide variety of devices and channels.

Looking for more information?

The Marketing O’Clock team from Search Engine Journal Network have produced a podcast that speaks about the launch of Google Analytics 4, as well as the latest digital marketing news. It’s well worth a listen!

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Daniel Martin-Lemmon

Daniel Martin-Lemmon

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