Is Your Content Marketing Panda Friendly?


With the most recent Panda update release already claiming it’s first victims, we thought we would put together some simple tips to help ensure your content marketing strategy stays Panda Savvy!


Panda is an update to Google’s search results ranking algorithm which is aimed at penalising sites with thin or poor content and rewarding sites with regularly updated, quality content. The first Panda update, known as Panda 1.0, was released back in 2011 and affected nearly 12 percent of search queries, meaning it was the biggest algorithm update in Google’s history.

Google often release Panda updates, with the most recent being Panda 4.1 on September 25th 2014. This update is said to affect around 3-5 percent of search queries and can now more precisely identify sites with thin content. After initial analysis of sites which have been affected by the recent update, it has been reported that some have seen upwards of a 90 percent drop in organic rankings.


Although Google never reveal their exact algorithm secrets, there are certain elements of the updates which have become apparent through recent studies carried out by digital marketing communities, and statements released by Google representatives.

From this research, our digital marketing experts suggest the following tips to help keep your content marketing strategy Panda friendly:

  • Ensure your site has lots of relevant and quality content, always with the user in mind
  • If you have a niche topic, great! Now create lots of information-rich content around it
  • If your site covers many topics, don’t spread the content too thin, this can be seen in Google’s eyes as poor quality content
  • Create content around the topics that your customers care about, answer their questions and address their pain points
  • Give your content depth, Panda 4.1 saw sites being penalised for broad or general content which lacked depth
  • Avoid using computer generated content (or spun content, as it’s commonly known)

Have you seen a drop in traffic as a result of a Panda update, or need help after a penalty? Speak to one of our experts today on 0845 625 5151.

Oct, 23, 2014