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You’ve probably heard of responsive websites, but have you heard of responsive logos?

While responsive logos have been around longer than responsive websites, their popularity and usage has increased exponentially in recent years. This is thanks to the increasing popularity of mobile devices which has prompted designers and brands to come round to the idea of their logo adapting to different sizes, shapes and mediums.

The benefits of responsive logo design

The logo is one of the most important assets for marketing your business or service. It communicates, in a simple visual form, what your business stands for. It takes creativity and effort to create a truly versatile logo, but once you have developed a visual that speaks to your consumer base, it needs to work across all your devices and channels. Also, when it comes to people remembering your brand, memory recall retains simple information more easily than something more complex. This is where responsive logo design comes in.

Less is more

Apple’s first attempt at creating a logo in 1976. Although creative, it was too complex to be remembered. A far simpler approach works well at any size.

Apple is so ingrained in people’s consciousness that they’ve been able to strip everything back to a minimum, even ditching their name and a strap line. Although, not every logo is as simple as Apple’s.

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An example of a more conventional logo working responsively is Disney. Here we see the stages of responsiveness.

If you watch a Disney movie you will see the full logo in its ident, but on the Disney website only the name Disney with their iconic signature font is present. However, the wordmark still retains the same feel as the full logo.

Key Points

  • Traditional logos can be complicated. They may include an icon, type, and a strapline. However, when it comes to responsive logo design, the key to success is simplicity.
  • As well as being simple responsive logos need to be adaptable.
  • Responsive logos need to be versatile enough that they can be narrowed down to their bare essentials without losing their connection to your brand identity.

When we develop a corporate identity or a new brand at Agency51 all the logos and brand marks we design are considered with responsiveness in mind. Need a logo? Starting a new brand? Talk to us.

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