Agency51 worked with DisabledGo to cover the provision and execution of an SEO migration strategy from an old platform to a new platform. This needed to be done in an effective manner so that DisabledGo could still acquire new customers while retaining existing customers. DisabledGo provide independent choices for disabled people in accessing their local area and the places they want to visit. DisabledGo work on behalf of Local Authorities, Universities, NHS Trusts and private sector organisations to publish detailed access information on over 120,000 places of interest across the UK and Ireland.


Agency51 implemented effective SEO migration strategies to allow DisabledGo to still build on their brand awareness and optimise their website presence while the transfer process was completed. The old website was crawled by Agency51 using software to get a comprehensive record of all existing URLs before importing these to the new URL structure, making sure all pages were indexed and optimised.


Agency51 worked with DisabledGo to ensure the move from old to new environment was as smooth as possible from an SEO perspective. The Agency51 team implemented 301 redirects from the old URLs to the new structure across all site URLs. All Meta data (existing page titles, Meta descriptions and Meta tags) was transferred to the new site efficiently and effectively while Google webmaster tools was setup and the new site map uploaded. The Agency51 team continued to monitor the transition and produced a full transfer report for DisabledGo.

The overall aim of all this work was to ensure users could still navigate to DisabledGo online and still follow calls to action and enquire quickly and effectively, ultimately boosting enquiry levels. Agency51 provided DisabledGo with a return on investment, gave them a competitive advantage in their market and helped them achieve high standards of delivery.
DisabledGo MIgration Strategy


Visitor numbers have increased by 21% year on year and there are now more access guides available on the DisabledGo website than ever before. There has been an increase in new visitors and the site continues to attract more people than ever before.

DisabledGo now rank higher than their competitors for many of the keywords and phrases originally identified as a result of the URL restructuring on the new platform and are the leading website for disabled people to search for shops, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, hotels and more.

Aug, 24, 2016