Email Marketing

We believe email marketing is where the magic happens in the digital marketing world – it’s the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your content prowess whilst also driving conversions. So how can we help you to make this a happy marriage?

We will look at your current responder campaigns and provide open, honest advice about what’s working and where you can improve, from usability to calls to action and content. Using only the best mailing systems in the industry, we will work with you to create beautiful, bespoke email campaigns that are segmented to your customers, whatever their needs may be. We’ll also provide comprehensive reporting on each of your campaigns, whether you’re starting from scratch or just need to give your current mailers a few nips and tucks.

The Process


If you have done email marketing before, we will review your existing campaigns. Look at any heat map tracking and measure the success including open rates, click through rates, the best time to send emails and attributing revenue. We will also look at the quality of your data highlighting any improvements or segments of success.

Campaign planning

Whether we look at regular promotions, responder campaigns or one of proposition campaigns. Our team will produce a campaign plan which highlights the messaging, tone and forthcoming promotions we want to offer and when. This plan can be shared between all parties and emails can be scheduled as agreed between you and your account manager

Design, Build and Test

Template design and copy that fits into your brand style, tone and messaging. As design can be subjective, we will work with you feedback and take a steer from you when it comes to brand positioning. Once the design is agreed the emails will be built in a responsive template that adapts to the user device. This will then be uploaded to your email broadcast system and tested.

Measuring the success

Ongoing analysis will be completed to the measure the success of any campaign, creative and data segmentation. This will allow for the next email to be changed based on our successes and failures. We can measure your return on investment per campaign or even per email sent tracking your campaigns through website tracking software such as Google Analytics

Ongoing Campaign Management

Whether they are responder campaigns or monthly promotions, our team will manage as much or as little as you require. We can write each email from scratch based on the promotion or we can simply design and build emails using your copy. Either way our team of email experts build you effective email campaigns that deliver results.

From managing databases to creating banners that make you go “wow!”, we’ve got you covered – just give us a call on 01904 215151, open our Live Chat window for a chinwag or request one of our team to call you on the form below.

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