What should I put on my Product Page?

In this week’s Agency51 Insights video & quick guide, Andy Cook shows you how to create the perfect ecommerce product page & answer that question many online retailers are asking ‘What should I put on my ecommerce Product Page?’.

Product Pages are critical to the success of your ecommerce site, get them right and you can see huge increases in sales. Get them wrong and your customers may just give up on their purchase. We often see online businesses losing sales due to the lack of information or features available on their product pages. Increasing usability can be as simple as adding delivery information or a more informative product description.

Agency51 have designed and development many product pages, we think we’re pretty clued up on balancing best practice and beautiful design. In this video, you will learn the basics of what you should be including to encourage conversions. If you think you’re product page is almost up to scratch, this quick guide will help you to add those finishing touches. If you have a particularly low conversion rate, high drop off rate or declining sales, this quick guide will help you to revolutionise your online offering.

To help you on the way to creating your perfect product page we have drawn a sample wireframe and included a quick guide to explain each feature. Simply download our quick guide PDF below and click play to view our video – we’re always here to help if you need us with your product page optimisation. Whether you need consultancy, design or development – we can deliver your perfect solution.



Rather watch the video? No problem, we have one of those too!

Mar, 18, 2014