Agency51 worked with PapaKåta to deliver a joined up digital marketing service to promote PapaKåta to its target audience. PapaKåta recently had had a new website built so Agency51 focussed on ensuring the new website was up to a high standard on a technical SEO basis. Once this was achieved the focus then shifted to attracting more visitors to the site. PapaKåta specialise in hiring Kåtas, Scandinavian tepee-style tents that offer an alternative to a standard marquee. PapaKåta has worked on hundreds of successful events since 2006, including wedding receptions, corporate events and product launches.


PapaKåta had recently launched a new website so Agency51 worked in partnership with PapaKåta to make sure the new website was at a high standard from an SEO perspective. Back links were monitored and site maps submitted to Google and Bing webmaster tools. Following a complete digital marketing audit, opportunities were clearly outlined and together Agency51 and PapaKåta began to build an online marketing strategy. Agency51 implemented effective SEO techniques to get the best possible ranking based on selected keywords and phrases, with the focus always on getting PapaKåta the most relevant traffic. Meta data was assessed and optimised while filters were added to the site and goals created so data could be monitored to gain market intelligence to further understand the target audience and to track conversions effectively.


Agency51 worked with PapaKåta to ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new website. Page titles and descriptions were written and added to the new site for all pages, while file names and alt tags for images and documents were also added to the new website. The new site was checked for any errors including duplicate content and onsite content optimised. Keywords had been identified and PapaKåta saw an improvement in rankings for many of the highlighted search terms. The website now has clearer calls to action and gives the visitor clearer direction on their journey.


As a result of the work completed by Agency51, PapaKåta’s strength within the online landscape improved and better rankings for keywords was achieved. The number of pages indexed doubled as the website now contained fresh new content via the blog and the optimisation of existing content.

Visitors to the PapaKåta website now spend more time on the website visiting more pages and an increased number of enquiries continue to come through the website from a variety of sources. Agency51 continue to have a strong relationship with PapaKåta and have worked with them on a consultancy basis, occasionally offering advice on marketing activity and site optimisation.

Aug, 24, 2016