3d Leisure

Content Marketing, CRO, Digital Strategy, PPC, Search Engine Optimisation

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Conversion Tactics

We provided 3d leisure with consultancy on conversion tactics.

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Agency51 completely smoothed over content for SEO purposes.

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Content Marketing

A marketing strategy for content was recommended and executed.

Client: 3d leisure

Date: 28 August 2016


Type: SEO, CRO, Content Marketing

The Challenge

3d leisure are a dedicated team of professionals who provide a number of services to hotels, schools, corporations and private clubs. They are experts in gym and health club management. Our journey first began with 3d leisure with the focus on keeping their rankings high. However, this soon changed to a focus on generating leads and keywords that generated enquiries. We also supported 3d leisure during the build of their new website and provided consultancy on conversion tactics.

The Solution

We reviewed the current targeted terms and provided insight and additional support to the terms that we believed should receive the most focus.

The Activity

By providing consultancy support to the 3d leisure design team, it allowed them to focus on lead generation within email marketing campaigns and their social channels. Furthermore, content was completely smoothed over for SEO and conversion principles, and a site migration strategy was also implemented from the old site to the new one. In order to further enhance content, a marketing strategy for content was recommended and executed, targeting publications that their audience would be reading as opposed to focusing on leisure based publications.

We completed a number of press releases for 3d leisure with the hope of targeting a more focused audience.

The Results

A number of great results were seen as a result of the solutions that we provided for 3d leisure, including the fact that inbound leads were increased by 80% and traffic was increased by 30%.