Augean plc

Email Marketing, Social Media

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Social Media Training

We trained the team at Augean plc on how to use social media effectively to promote their products.

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Email Marketing

We put a content plan in place so that Augean plc could use email marketing correctly.

Client: Augean plc

Type: Social Media, Email Marketing

The Challenge

Augean plc. was looking for strategic help with their digital marketing, including email marketing and social media marketing training. Augean is the UK’s leading specialist hazardous waste management company listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and provides a range of waste handling services, environmental treatment, recycling and disposal. The company is unique in their approach to the disposal of specialist waste, developing innovative processes and technological solutions to lead the modernisation of the UK waste industry.

The Solution

Agency51 identified that, if used effectively, social and email marketing could allow Augean to engage, gather market research and promote particular products and services by simple text posts. Training sessions were proposed on how best to leverage this opportunity for Augean. The aim of this was to help Augean to create an exclusive online community through which they could encourage brand loyalty and returning custom.

The Activity


Agency51 delivered training workshops for Augean on how best to leverage social media marketing opportunities to encourage customer engagement, brand loyalty and increase custom from returning visitors as well as potential new customers.

Social media, in B2B typically using Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, online communities and Facebook has become a marketing channel that is used by over 80% of internet users meaning social marketing plays a fundamental role in all multi channel activity.

Agency51 helped make sure that Augean was using social and email marketing correctly by putting a content plan in place, allowing for content to be updated on a regular basis and to encourage engagement from followers and potential new followers. Training sessions took place to look at how to reach Augean’s target audience, what channels would work effectively and how best to utilise these tools as part of their day to day activity.

The Results

As a result of the training delivered by Agency51, Augean are now able to deliver effective social media campaigns and email marketing for its customers. As a result the website now attracts 10% more visitors’ year on year. Agency51 was able to educate Augean on best practice social media marketing and email advice which now underpins the basis of their current digital marketing strategies.