Electric Radiators Direct

CRO, Search Engine Optimisation

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We recommended changes to the website content to ensure that it was relevant to the user.

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Conversion Audit

The Agency51 team began to understand ERD's target audience so that they were able to establish effective landing pages.

Client: Electric Radiators Direct


Type: SEO, Conversion Audit

The Challenge

Agency51 was instructed by Electric Radiators Direct to help increase conversions from website traffic. Despite the successes of the current website increasing traffic, Electric Radiators Direct could see the potential within the website to increase enquiries through the contact forms and telephone enquiries. However, the conversion rate was low and the bounce rate high. Electric Radiators Direct are committed to supplying the very latest energy efficient products for the lowest prices in the UK and have suppliers across Europe.

The Solution

The initial phase of the project was to review and audit the current Electric Radiators Direct website and analyse the statistics around the enquiry process. The implementation of any change was focused on converting visitors into customers which could then be monitored on a monthly and quarterly basis, with additional changes being tested using a combination of expert knowledge and online tests which would help develop the website. Together Agency51 and Electric Radiators Direct began to build an online marketing strategy and a list of initial recommended changes Agency51 would make to the website was compiled before focusing on generating additional traffic.

The Activity


As Agency51 began to understand the Electric Radiators target audience, landing pages were established and Agency51 suggested setting up some desired user flow funnels to see how users interacted with the website. The Electric Radiators Direct website now includes quote request forms and an interactive live chat feature. Cross selling features are clearly displayed throughout the website, highlighting the services and products Electric Radiators Direct offer. Contact details and opening times are visible on the website which has also aided conversion.


Agency51 recommended changes to the website content to ensure that copy related to the user rather than Electric Radiators and it incorporated clear and prominent USPs. Calls to action were also lacking and these have been added to the website to aid conversion. Text has been amended to encourage a customer to choose particular ranges or individual products and text links are now clear, easy to see and easy to use.

The Results

Electric Radiators Direct now rank consistently high for many of the key search terms identified and rank higher than many of their competitors. Following Agency51’s recommended changes, traffic has grown to the Electric Radiators Direct website and conversions have increased.