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We set up Google Shopping and also managed eVet’s AdWords campaigns.

Client: eVet Drug Ltd

Date: 10 August 2016

Link: https://www.evetdrug.co.uk/

Type: PPC

The Challenge

eVet were keen to expand their presence in paid media in order to increase sales and therefore their profits. We decided that Google Shopping should be identified as a primary channel for eVet however, due to the media spend in other channels, we needed to adjust the Shopping budget so that it was efficient with other budgets. One of the main objectives was to generate relevant revenue-based traffic to their website using tactical marketing techniques, such as SEO and PPC implementation.

The Solution

Agency51 optimised feed data as well as optimising budgets per product group to ensure that eVet obtained maximum returns. Bid adjustments were carried out based on peak sale times so that we could make sure that eVet was making the most of their bids.

The Activity

Negative keywords were also checked and maintained on a regular basis with the intention of stopping eVet showing up for any searches containing the negative keywords. In order to improve efficiency even further, very popular (high clicks) but low return on investment product groups were optimised.

The Results

As a result of the work that we completed for eVet, we saw very positive results including the fact that ROI improved by 916% over a three month period, as well as the click-through rate increasing by 121%. The average Cost Per Click reduced by 46.34% (month one against month three) and the cost per conversion also reduced by 37%.

Naturally, we were very pleased with these figures and we are very happy to continue to work with eVet today.

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