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We worked with Green-tech to identify the SEO techniques that were best suited to their business and website.

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Agency51 set up and optimised a product feed and AdWords campaigns for Green-tech.

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The team at Agency51 worked with Green-tech to improve their conversion rate.

Client: Green-tech

Date: 24th October, 2016



The Challenge

Green-tech is one of the UK’s leading landscaping, grounds maintenance, forestry and agriculture suppliers offering a host of products designed to enhance and improve plants and their environment. Formed in 1994, Green-tech has expanded from humble beginnings supplying the Yorkshire golf course market, to new markets including professional growers and garden centre retail markets. Agency51 worked with them to improve the company website’s SEO and conversion rate.

The Solution

The Agency51 team helped Green-tech organise, develop and implement a digital marketing strategy with the aim of increasing the conversion rate of their ecommerce platform. Agency51 worked with Green-tech to include best practice rules of engagement, as well as the setup of goal tracking in analytics to allow ease of reporting and understanding of the user journey. Agency51 illustrated to the client how to integrate marketing channels to allow for a multi-channel integrated approach to their digital marketing.

The Activity


Following an analysis of their website, Agency51 worked with them to identify the search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques best suited to their business to get results, including extensive keyword research and onsite content optimisation. Goals were set in Google analytics so that they could track enquiries.

Agency51 also setup and optimised a product feed and AdWords campaigns for Green-tech and offered training on keyword research and identifying negative keywords. Together we selected the most suitable keywords to target for the client’s target audience and actively tracked conversions, modifying accordingly based on performance.

The Results

The Green-tech website has seen a 32% increase in visitors year on year. Online revenue is up by 72.38% in the same period, while online enquiries have increased by 53%. The product feed continues to generate revenue and as a result of the training facilitated by Agency51, Green-tech are now able to optimise this themselves to ensure they are getting maximum return on their investment . Green-tech rank consistently high for key search terms and continue to grow as a company. Agency51 still work with Green-tech on a consultancy level, offering them digital marketing advice.