Haven Power

CRO, Digital Strategy, Email Marketing, PPC, Search Engine Optimisation

The Challenge

Agency51 was selected by Haven Power to work alongside them to improve the online experience for its existing customers and increase the number of new customers. Haven Power is an electricity supplier for small to medium sized business customers. Part of Drax Group plc, Haven Power’s turnover is now in excess of £250million.

The Solution

Agency51 implemented effective conversion optimisation techniques to generate more business leads on site. PPC campaigns were created and built targeting small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) to increase the volume of enquiries and traffic to the website. Email marketing campaigns were implemented that were directed at specific industry sectors and content was tailored for that specific audience. LinkedIn advertising has been setup with the aim to increase interaction with SME and I&C customers. Video content has been produced and Haven Power now have a YouTube channel showcasing these.

The Activity

Agency51 worked with Haven Power to ensure that the website was not missing out on any conversion opportunities. PPC campaigns helped to increase traffic volume and as result the volume of enquiries have grown. Agency51 offered advice and guidance on creating effective content marketing including email campaigns designed for specific sectors of the target audience and LinkedIn content tailored for individual professionals and stakeholders.

A Google+ page and YouTube channel have been setup which has encouraged more interaction with new and existing customers. Landing pages for the PPC campaigns have been setup with the prompt of completing an enquiry form. These are dependent on the size of the business.

The Results

Haven Power saw an increase of 35% in online enquiries year on year. The email marketing campaigns have consistently had an open rate and a click through rate which is above the expected industry standard. Video content has helped Haven Power to articulate their key messaging further through another medium and show a different side to the personality of the business.

Agency51 continues to consult and work alongside Haven Power on its digital marketing and key messaging across its website and social platforms, offering best practice consultancy advice on conversion optimisation and content offering. Haven Power are now established as a leading business electricity supplier and a viable alternative to the traditional ‘big four’ providers.