Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

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Agency51 worked with HPC to implement effective SEO strategies to get the best possible rankings.

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Email Marketing

We created a series of emails to send to HPC contacts and tenders showcasing their latest case studies.

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Content Marketing

Effective content was created to increase traffic.

Client: Healthcare Property Consultants


Type: SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing

The Challenge

Agency51 worked with HPC (Healthcare Property Consultants) to generate enquiries for its services and achieve high rankings on Google consistently. HPC is an independent firm offering specialist property advice and services to those operating and investing in the healthcare sector throughout the UK. HPC services include property transactions, consultancy, research, valuations and reporting.

Agency51 looked to provide HPC with a return on investment, a competitive advantage over their competitors and deliver high standards of customer satisfaction through digital marketing techniques including conversion optimisation, email marketing and sales using search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques.

The Solution

Agency51 implemented effective SEO strategies to get the best possible ranking based on selected keywords and phrases, with the focus always on maximising HPC’s ROI. A full conversion review was initiated by Agency51 so HPC could fully understand how best to get the maximum enquiries from their website. Competitors were analysed and monitored to gain market intelligence and to further understand the target audience. Effective content was written to drive traffic and URLs submitted to search engines. We worked with HPC on a strategic level to help HPC further understand their market and target audience and how best to interact with them.

The Activity


We worked with HPC to identify the search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques best suited to their business to get results. SEO work was primarily around the deployment of a new site and involved ongoing work to build search engine rankings. Following the completion of an extensive site audit, Agency51 advised HPC on the best possible keywords to target for its audience. Work was done to ensure visitors to the HPC website were able to follow calls to action and enquire quickly, effectively boosting enquiry levels. We actively tracked conversions, URLs have been optimised and Meta data written.
The Agency51 team also created and broadcast a series of emails to HPC contacts and tenders showcasing latest case studies and news items with the aim of interacting with clients so that HPC could gain exposure and connect with the right audience.

The Results

HPC now rank higher than their competitors for many of the keywords and phrases that Agency51 originally identified in the research process. Visitor numbers have increased by 25% year on year and online enquiries are up by 10%.

Work completed by Agency51 helped HPC acquire new customers, retain existing customers and build brand awareness. Agency51 has helped HPC define their ongoing digital marketing strategy.