Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media

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We worked with In-Time to drive traffic and sales using SEO techniques.

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Social Media

A Facebook page was launched and we provided In-Time with guidance as to which content and images should be posted.

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Conversion Optimisation

Agency51 work with In-Time to drive sales and traffic using CRO techniques

Client: In-Time

Type: SEO, Social Media, CRO

The Challenge

Agency51 work with In-Time to drive traffic and sales using search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques, including keyword analysis, copy writing, link building, landing page optimisation and conversion optimisation. Established in 1981, In-Time carry out over half a million watch and jewellery repairs every year. In-Time is one of the largest employers of watch technicians and jewellery repair specialists in the UK and have 53 branches nationwide.

The Solution

Agency51 implemented effective SEO strategies to get the best possible ranking based on selected keywords and phrases, with the focus always on maximising In-Time’s ROI. Competitors were analysed and monitored to gain market intelligence and to further understand the target audience. Effective content was written to drive traffic and URLs submitted to search engines.


We worked with In-Time to identify the search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques best suited to their business to get results. We selected the best possible keywords to target for In-Time’s audience and actively tracked conversions, modifying accordingly based on performance. URLs have been optimised and Meta data written.

The Agency51 team also created landing pages for specific watch brands and jewellery repair services. These have proven to be effective drivers of traffic to the site. A Facebook page has been launched and In-Time seek guidance from Agency51 regarding what content and images should be posted so that In-Time gain exposure and connect with the right audience.

The Results

In-Time now rank higher than their competitors for many of the keywords and phrases originally identified in the research process. Visitor numbers from organic channels have increased by over 30% year on year and online enquiries are up by 20%. The bounce rate has also been lowered by 5%.

In-Time now rank on page one for many of the search terms identified and Agency51 continue to optimise landing pages for specific types of repair service. Month on month visitor numbers are constantly increasing and the number of online enquiries is steadily growing also. The bounce rate continues to lower and more people are now arriving at the site from many different avenues.