Email Marketing, PPC, Search Engine Optimisation

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We implemented a full SEO strategy for Discount Wholesale.

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Agency51 built the whole PPC account, specifically targeted to each customer.

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Email Marketing

We created a number of targeted emails which corresponded to our digital marketing strategy.

Client: Poundworld

Date: 28 November 2015

Type: SEO, PPC, Email Marketing

The Challenge

Poundworld’s new online business, Discount Wholesale, is a newly launched website that is targeted at Britain’s market traders, eBay sellers, independent and small retailers who offer the cheapest discount goods. Agency51’s initial brief was to help establish the Discount Wholesale website in the online marketplace and generate quality traffic that would convert. We were also required to review Discount UK’s marketplace and propose ideas and lead generation activity to improve brand awareness and traffic to the stores and website.

The Solution

The Agency51 digital marketing team produced a comprehensive marketing audit and report for Discount Wholesale. This included key areas for improvement, as well as recommendations, keyword research, target profiles, marketplace analysis and competitor analysis. We also produced an on-page SEO review, highlighting issues for our digital marketing team to optimise and resolve. As part of our digital marketing strategy we also managed Discount Wholesale’s PPC account, email marketing design and build and have implemented conversion optimisation throughout the website.

The Brief

Discount Wholesale began working with Agency51 in the early stages of its launch; we were challenged with generating quality traffic and increasing brand awareness for Poundworld’s new venture. Our digital marketing team delved in to researching the discount goods industry in order to provide a comprehensive audit and ongoing strategy in this highly competitive marketplace.

Understanding The Customer

There were multiple target profiles for Discount Wholesale that needed to be considered when developing the digital marketing strategy. We conducted research to establish the different customer personas and understand who they are, what they buy and when. We then ensured that our digital marketing strategy was tailored to reach each audience.

The Activity


We implemented a full SEO strategy for Discount Wholesale. First things first, we solved all on-site search related issues including crawl issues, Webmaster tools, image search, preferred domains and our favourite – canonicalisation. Agency51 completely overhauled the site by implementing H1, titles, metas and alt tags and optimising internal hierarchy to improve visibility.

Once we had implemented all of our SEO actions throughout the Discount Wholesale site we then had the freedom and confidence to begin actively link building (targeted only, of course) and generating new, shareable content.


In such a massively competitive industry, we instantly highlighted the importance of a quality PPC campaign. Agency51 carried out research in the wholesale industry including competitors, customer profiling and industry related keywords. From here, Agency51 built Discount Wholesale’s PPC account, specifically targeted to each customer.

Granular campaigns were set up, these were linked to highly targeted landing pages, ensuring the quality score per keyword was at a minimum of 8.

Product, competitor and brand based campaigns were built, using negative keywords to refine and increase PPC clicks and conversions. Agency51 created event based campaigns, including a ‘World Cup campaign’ directly linked to products, enabling Discount Wholesale to capture the B2B events market.

We set up a re-targeting campaign to capture browsing visitors that had left the site, something that has proven to be very successful since implementation.


Our creative design team are experts in designing and building highly converting and visually pleasing emails. We have created a number of targeted emails in line with our digital marketing strategy, each has performed to a high standard and has achieved positive results. We also advised Discount Wholesale on list segmentation as well as automated emailing and campaign gauntlets.

The Results

PPC results comparing quarterly results from 2013 with 2014; ROI up 1117.55% to a huge 2334%, CPA down £12.93 and revenue from PPC up 65%.

SEO results comparing quarterly results from 2013 with 2014; organic traffic up 142%, conversion from organic traffic up 0.71%, revenue from organic traffic up 143%.

Agency51 have built the Discount Wholesale brand from conception, the business now turns over circa £5million annually, and is continuing to grow.