Agency51’s 10 Step SEO Process

Our process, checklist and understanding SEO in 10 steps.

At Agency51, we have a dedicated team of SEO and online marketing experts to guide our clients up the rankings and drive quality traffic to their site. Like every digital marketing service we do, we use a process to determine what our clients’ key goals are, their current SEO results and the actions we need to take to refine and improve their organic search strategy.

We’re all about sharing here, so we have decided to share our tried and tested process to provide a guidance for anyone tackling the large job that is SEO optimisation. Our process explains the steps we take in any client project as well as a site audit checklist.


  1. SEO site audit of content, website HTML, social sites, backlinks
  2. Defining your goals
  3. Keyword brainstorming and research
  4. Competitor research and analysis (SERPs)
  5. Optimising website HTML including alt text, meta description, H1 and URL architecture
  6. Optimising website content including product descriptions, landing pages
  7. Content sharing
  8. Generating new SEO optimised content including blogs, case studies, whitepapers etc
  9. Social review and strategic recommendations
  10. Track and improve

Download our 10 step process here.

Feb, 14, 2014