Content Marketing and PR

No matter how beautiful your website, it’s nothing without engaging, industry-relevant content. That’s where our experts come in. With a team of trained journalists and SEO specialists, we will help you with all aspects of content marketing – and not just on-site.

We’ll conduct interviews, write content, approach bloggers for links back to your website, create email marketing campaigns and distribute your content amongst the most relevant publications in your industry.

We’ll also cover the boring stuff so you don’t have to! We’ll make sure all your title tags, meta descriptions and product data are up to date and optimised for your targeted keywords, helping you to keep Google happy whilst also creating a better experience for your customers. Whether it’s advice on targeting industry bloggers or just a one-off press release you’re looking for, our self-confessed grammar fanatics will be on hand to make sure you’ve got your content strategy on point.

The Process

Investigation and Analysis

Like all our digital marketing services, we start investigating what is working for you now, what isn’t working, what your competitors are doing and any quick opportunities we need to take advantage of. With this we will evaluate your current content assets and investigate new audiences to target. If this is a new avenue you haven't taken before, we will investigate all the opportunities available to you and find the best course of action to begin with.

Devise a Plan

We will create a content marketing strategy which will highlight our measurable objectives, who we are targeting and why. We will devise a content plan with you and develop a positioning strategy that covers your USPs, the tone of content and your business offering. If this service is combined with our SEO service, both strategies will complement each other and integrate both organic ranking strategy with brand presence and outreach.

Content Authoring

Our team of qualified content writers will work with you in authoring content pieces for your website, writing opinion pieces for publications and organising interviews with journalists who want to include you in a topical piece. Each article will be written with your positioning strategy in mind and will provide accurate information about your products and services.


We have a large database of bloggers, vloggers, journalists and editors that we work regularly with. This allows us to approach the media and other avenues pitching client content and possible collaboration topics. If your market is unique we will take time to start these relationships early to build a rapport with contacts before pushing content.

Analyse and Report

We will report and provide you with insights of all of our efforts. We will measure the success of our campaigns based on the objectives we set at the beginning. Whether this is the trust of your domain which will in turn improve organic rankings or referral traffic for orders, we will measure the success of content to provide you with measurable results

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