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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Improving responses

Conversation rate optimisation (CRO) sounds fancy, but in simple terms it is the process of auditing and adapting a website to encourage users to fulfill set goals e.g. buy a product, complete a form, download a brochure etc.

The Methods

This is achieved by auditing the user journey across all devices (computer, smartphone, tablet) and removing any barriers that may hinder the customer from making a purchase or becoming a lead. The audit is carried out using tools such as heat maps and mouse tracking. Test cases are also produced, to decide if changes are necessary, using A/B and multi-variant testing tools. Factors that are considered during a CRO review include:


Simplifying navigation to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for


Fixing barriers such as broken links and slow website loading speeds


Creating relevant and visible calls-to-action per page (CTAs)


Reorganising page content


Changing basic sign posting terminology


Simplifying pages


Writing engaging content to convince users to buy products or use services

Test, Test and Test Again

CRO is at the heart of all of the marketing activities that Agency51 carry out. Our user experience specialists will discuss every test case with you and segment the audience accordingly to gain a full picture of how users interact with your website.

If you have any issues with your existing conversion rate or aren’t getting sufficent leads or revenue from your existing traffic, give our team a call on 01904 21 51 51.

Case studies

For further insight to how we have helped our clients with improving their conversion rate and delivered a successful results, take a look at our latest case studies.


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