Digital Strategy

Whether you’re starting out, have launched a new website or just want to revise your digital marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place. At Agency51, we’ll look deep into the heart of your business and discuss your goals with you, before suggesting the best digital marketing techniques to help you achieve them. What’s more, we’ll even measure the results and provide you with easy to interpret analyses, giving you the plain facts rather than baffling you with science.

The Process

We will research your competitors, identify your KPIs and work within your budgets to help create a strategy that works for you, whether it’s the simple creation of a PPC campaign or design consultancy on mailers. We’ll also guide you in the latest industry leading technology, using our Google AdWords-certified team to help answer any of your questions.


We start every project with a brief from you, we will ask you questions and delve deep into your company to understand your processes, your customers and the buying signals needed to get users to contact you. This process will also look at what your competitors are doing well and not so well, what their reputation is like in the market and what we can learn from this.


After fact gathering and investigating, our team analyse all the data available to them. Whether this is in Google Analytics, SEMRush, Magestic SEO or Google AdWords accounts our team will use the information gathered in the investigation and pin point existing success, failures and new opportunities, this method will then allow us to devise the framework for the digital strategy that needs putting in place.

Devise Plan

Depending on your brief and the project that has been undertaken, our team will devise and plan the recommended strategy. We will be able to highlight where skills are required from your in-house resource or provide you with the required resource from the Agency51 team. The plan will have clear actionable guidance and will be surrounded by structure, timescales, efforts and targets. This plan will either form the service that you have with the Agency51 team or provide you the ability to walk away with the opportunity to complete the work in-house.

Present Recomendations

We will not just send you a document for you to interpret yourself, our team will present our findings and plan to you to explain the methodology and insight that was used to provide you with the information. This will allow to take informed decisions moving forward and provide understanding for all. During this session our team are open to answer questions so you walk away from the recommendations meeting with clarity and the answers you hoped for at the beginning of the project.

Once we devise then plan we can work with you on the marketing you need to do such as SEO, Pay Per Click and content marketing or train your team to monitor and complete the work in-house asking our team to provide support and consultancy on a ongoing basis.

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