Pay Per Click

In an increasingly competitive paid search market, we understand how to make the best of the resources available to you to improve your click through and conversion rates. As an official Google partner, we have not only AdWords-certified in-house PPC experts, but also dedicated account managers at Google who are on hand to help you with any queries you may have. We’re also constantly on the lookout for any industry updates, which you can keep on top of with our handy blog.

Whether you’re new to Google or Bing AdWords or already have an account, we will talk you through the best keyword types, ad copy and ad scheduling to ensure you’re getting the best return on investment. We believe in telling you the facts without baffling you with science, and whatever changes we make, we will ensure you are consulted first.

Of course, there’s more to PPC than just Bing or Google – there’s also the wonderful world of social advertising. If you’re keen to have your voice heard on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, talk to one of our in-house experts, who will advise you on reaching your key target audience, pricing and ad copy for these platforms.

So whether you’re looking to drive more E-commerce sales or ramp up those brochure downloads, we’ll help you achieve your goals – just give us a call on 01904 215151 today.

The Process

Investigation and Analyse

If you have existing paid advertising campaigns or starting from scratch we will review current marketing activity as a whole and discuss with you your objectives and targets. As pay per click can be tracked through audience impressions and click through rate, we will analyse the potential reach and provide insight in opportunities through the agreed platforms.

Devise a Plan

Like all of our marketing services, a plan with clear measurable objectives will be produced. If we are focusing on paid search, we will include the keywords we are targeting and the agreed landing page. Social paid media will segment the audience and agree our target market. Budget will agreed and assigned to the relevant campaign and communicated to you.

Build it

All our campaigns are built to the highest of standards and best practice guidelines. Our team of certified pay per click specialists will take into account all the requirements to increase click through rate for the lowest cost per click possible. All the creative can then be approved by you or you can rest assure our specialist team have it in hand.

Analyse and Amend

Pay per click like all digital marketing isn’t a one off job. Our team will be constantly monitoring the performance of the campaigns, testing and optimising the ads to generate you the highest possible return on your investment. We will keep you up to date and speak to you about any feedback you have on orders and enquiries


We will never blind you with science and jargon that doesn't make sense, our team will provide you with clear insight on the successes, failures and any new opportunities they find. This way you will be able to track your return on investment with us and see the clear changes that have increased your revenue.

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