A Simple Guide to Website Redesign

Thinking about a website redesign? We often speak to potential clients who have left their website with the same design for many years after fearing that a redesign will take too much time, too much money and too many resources. We’ve written a handy little guide to showcase our top tips to simplify the website redesign process. Our guide outlines the 7 key stages that you need to go through to complete a successful website redesign. These are;

Analyse – Reviewing your current metrics
Set Goals – Understanding why you are redesigning
Review – Take a look at the competition
Audience – Who are you targeting?
User Journey – Where do you want visitors to go on your site?
Wireframe – Get the blueprint right
Concept – The creative stage
We have many years experience in redesigning sites, so we’re here to share our knowledge! If you have any questions, or if you have an upcoming redesign project you would like to discuss simply LiveChat with us or send an email to social@www.agency51.com.

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Jun, 28, 2014