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The Rise of TikTok

2020 brought us one of the fastest growing and widest used social media platforms in history. Everything we thought we knew from Silicon Valley about the world of online social media and how we connect with the content we are shown was changed forever.

We were used to what we saw being based on chosen interests, instead Tik Tok exchanged this for an unfathomable algorithm; In short, you don’t tell TikTok what you want to see, it tells you.

16 second clips of new wave content creators dancing, reviewing make up and taking viewers along for trips to local supermarkets suddenly became advertisers’ choice, with engagement high and conversions skyrocketing.

But how do you use the platform to its fullest potential as an advertiser? Here’s some tips on how to utilise the world’s fasted growing phenomenon to help your business…

TikTok’s unspoken rules

Where to get your content?

TikTok likes loyalty, so start off by creating TikTok first ads. They have pretty comprehensive recording and editing capabilities within the app, and data shows that 74% of ads made on the platform and which are seen on this platform first catch Tiktok’s attention.

TikTok appear to give preference to ads made within their app too – so stick to within the app to please the algorithm.

First impressions matter.

The first 6 seconds of your video are the make or break as to whether the viewer engages any further. When your ad is 60 seconds long, the first 15 seconds is where the most impact is, so drive the ad in the initial impact. In fact, 63% of ads that show the product within the first 3 seconds get the highest engagement.

Inclusivity matters, people!

Don’t underestimate the power of text overlays and subtitles. A large proportion of people watch TikTok on mute, or have hearing difficulties, so don’t miss out on a huge portion of your potential audience by excluding them.

Don’t take it seriously.

However clean cut and corporate your brand has been before, throw this out the window if you want to succeed on this platform. Comedy pays on TikTok; if the content is funny and creative you’re going to pleasing over 76% of engaged viewers.

Shoot once, edit twice.

Plan your recording well, think hi-res and vertical footage to keep in line with what the app likes to see from their content creators, but also what consumers want to watch.

When you get round to editing, get creative! Put your important information in the middle of the screen. Think about where the caption, like, share and comment buttons are and don’t make the mistake of hiding information behind them.

Review Your Target Audience.

TikTok offers countless audience targeting filters; they do all the same things as other leading social media ad platforms…but TikTok does things differently, and a lot more behind the veil of secrecy that has long surrounded their scarily specific algorithm.

So, trust in them to optimise your targeting. Select ‘automatic’ when prompted to pick your audience and watch It do its magic.

Check the stats!

TikTok’s official stats say ads with a high entertainment value result in 25% more love for your brand, and an 15% higher conversion rate.

88% of users say the sound you use is central to the overall enjoyment of the app, so think about what’s trending. Stay up to date and jump on fast growing trends with a funny take and maybe you’ll go viral!

58% of users are more likely to share the video if it’s a sound they like, regardless of content, so if you want to get your ad out there, choose carefully!

Get creating

Lastly, just have fun. TikTok has rewritten the rules for social advertising. Bringing new and innovative methods of selling to the market, making anyone an influencer within seconds with the right video. Think carefully about how this could impact your brand awareness, sales, and success. Mainly, have fun with it. It’s designed to be entertainment, and thousands of brands have proven that you only need one video to blow up, to change your business forever.

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