Wallpaper Wednesday – Space is Design

Being creatives, we love to change our wallpapers to match our moods and inspire us for the day. We’re sure there are many more of you just like us! Rather than you having to spend time making your own wallpaper or trawling through sites, we thought we’d start Wallpaper Wednesday. Each week a different member of our design team will create a wallpaper background for you to download and use as you wish.

This week’s wallpaper comes from our creative UX specialist, Joe.

“I have been working on many ecommerce projects recently so I thought i’d bring a bit of my ecommerce knowledge in to this week’s wallpaper. The one thing I always say to clients is ‘Space is Design’. This means that the user has to be able to easily navigate around a site that is not overly cluttered with products, information or calls to action. We actually find that our simplest designs convert more, especially on mobile….and, it’s quite fitting for our agency!”

Get your wallpaper here:






Jun, 23, 2014